Walmart Care Clinic Case

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1. Description of the proposed retail store brand concept
To the Senior Marking Managers of Walmart: As a marketing manager of Walmart I have prepared a detailed report of my strategies and recommendations of planning for the segmentation our market in to a new retail brand and develop a value proposition. Walmart has announced that it will increase initiatives to become the leader in the Health and Wellness market. Currently, this market is led by Target with very aggressive segment tactics. They have sold their pharmaceutical market to CVS and this has been forecasted to develop a recurrence of the millions of customers in this space. Walmart is already hosting health fairs and offer blood pressure checks, vision screenings, and glucose
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Healthcare professionals have been saying that the healthcare in the U.S. is the most expensive when compared to the rest of world, however rank very poorly between other industrialized countries in healthcare outcomes. This is a very complicated problem and an approach that Walmart can develop and tackle these challenges by opening a Walmart Care Clinic for customers and associates, motivated on improving access, strengthening quality and lowering healthcare costs. The Walmart Care Clinic model will concentrate on teamwork, organization and connecting customers and healthcare…show more content…
These areas are where people are uninsured or underinsured and an increase percentage of chronic diseases, limited access to healthcare, and areas with large numbers of employees. We must stay competitive with Target, Walgreens, and CVS that have their own healthcare clinic initiatives and develop expansion to other geographic location. Walmart would be sending a message of social responsibility by incorporating a strategy to include Healthcare clinics for customer and associate patients. By offering Walmart associates this company healthcare insurance could lower the overall company healthcare cost. The forecasted healthcare cost is over $500 million and this program would be a method for cost savings and cultivate healthy employees. There are other benefits that include increasing the traffic at Walmart Supercenters that could increase purchases. It is paramount that Walmart establish the retail price in the U.S. healthcare system because price leadership has always been a primary objective for this
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