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What if Wal-Mart and Target Joined Forces? Today’s economy and the increased unemployment rate have made the average American household drastically change their spending habits. The average household has to function on surviving with less. Which brings me to my topic. We have become a savvier shopper; ultimately looking for the establishment can offer the most for our money with out sacrificing quality. We have become “bargain shoppers”. When I think of a discount store two major companies come to mind Target and Wal-Mart. The merchandise and services provided are pretty much comparable. Many of its customer population shops there for two simply reasons one is out of loyalty and the other being it’s a preference. The founder of…show more content…
The industry average is 2.1 and 1. Target remains steady with a 2 and 1 rating. Wal-Mart on the other hand is below industry average with 1 and a 0.3. In this comparison Target comes out on top. Debt Utilization Debt utilization allows analyst the ability to measure how well a company in using its credit. The average is 33%. Wal-Mart looks very good with a 27% while Target is slightly higher with approximately 36%. Although, Target range of 36% seems higher in comparison to Wal-Mart it’s below the prudent range of 50%. Target Corporation (Target) operates Target general merchandise stores with an assortment of general merchandise and food assortment. Its expanded food assortment includes some perishables and some additional dry, dairy and frozen items. In addition, it operates SuperTarget stores with general merchandise items and a full line of food items. offers an assortment of general merchandise, including many items found in its stores and a complementary assortment, such as extended sizes and colors, sold only online. It operates two segments: Retail and Credit Card. The Retail segment includes all of its merchandising operations, including its integrated online business. The Credit Card segment offers credit to qualified guests through its branded credit cards, the Target Visa and the Target Card. In addition, it offers a branded Target Debit Card (collectively REDcards). As of January

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