Walt Disney 's Intellectual Property Rights

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Sophie’s business name needed to be unique enough where it doesn’t actually infringe on any of Walt Disney’s intellectual property rights. Even though he name is not exactly “Walt Disney” and the title of her business is “DisneyHartford”, the fact that she still included “Disney” in her title is a problem. When you think of the word “Disney”, you automatically think of children’s entertainment; as a result, this goes to show that consumers typically link the word “Disney” to a specific origin. Since the purpose of her business was to make an entertainment center for children, she is violating their rights because both companies are too similar. Consumers will assume that her entertainment center is affiliated with the Disney Brand when it …show more content…

If there is a breach in the contract where the Powerball did not give him his percentage, then this should stay between the Mobile Station and Powerball. Sophie should not be involved in this situation because she was not a part of the contract initially.
Property refers to tangible and intangible items. Ownership is a concept that means the right to exclude others (pg. 233). Goodwin secretly owning properly without disclosing this information with other people or students to the least is a little sketchy. However, I guess if they legally do own this real property than Sophie has to give it back to them. The legal system protects the right to own, acquire, protect and divest of real and personal property (pg. 235). If they have never sold this properly it still belongs to Goodwin. It was her fault that she purchased this property without researching it. Sophia is also at fault for purchasing real property without getting a title that the properly belonged to her. Ownership rights are transferred by titles (pg. 245) Even though the property seemed abandoned; no one technically relinquished new ownership towards it so it still belonged to Goodwin. Sophia got herself involved with a scammer. Sophia should contact Attorney Sleaze and sue him for selling her property that was already owned by somebody else. If she gives back the property to Goodwin, she can also sue him for her money back. She paid $2 million dollars for legal fees so it was his job and responsibility to

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