Essay War Ethics in Iraq

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Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West of the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division is a leader doing what a leader is required to do; to lead and protect those in which he leads. LTC West was charged with communicating a threat and aggravated assault. These are serious war crimes charged to a leader who was undeserving of such implications. The villains here are the politicians who prevent soldiers like LTC West from efficiently fighting the war in Iraq.

LTC West a battalion officer in Iraq during on or about January of 2003 to October of 2003; made a controversial decision. LTC West and his battalion of artillery and infantry was a fighting unit in Iraq. Fighting units are the units that are actually at the point of attack; "on …show more content…

After the second shot was fired the policeman disclosed all information having to do with a sniper ambush. LTC West pursued this invaluable information. The information the policeman gave up was accurate. LTC West and his soldiers wiped out the ambush before it could cause them harm.

It is unfortunate that soldiers have to fight with their hands behind their back in Iraq. And there is no doubt about it; soldiers have to do just that. Soldiers in Iraq are fighting under a dangerous environment where the next step could be their last, as loyalists of Saddam Hussein's regime attack them relentlessly. The enemy is wearing civilian clothes and hiding behind women and children. So when you ask battalion and company commanders to stop the violence against the Iraqi people and against soldiers, the pressure to use aggressive interrogation techniques seems to be reasonable. LTC West simply put his soldiers first and in doing so saved a countless number of lives. LTC West should not be pursued as a criminal but instead a hero.

This act of political positioning has caused a huge wave of demoralization throughout the military; from Iraq to here at home. I can vouch for such feelings in Iraq. I happened to be there in October of 2003 when LTC West was unfairly charged. My unit felt the demoralized and the 82nd

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