4th Infantry Division

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  • Essay War Ethics in Iraq

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    Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West of the U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division is a leader doing what a leader is required to do; to lead and protect those in which he leads. LTC West was charged with communicating a threat and aggravated assault. These are serious war crimes charged to a leader who was undeserving of such implications. The villains here are the politicians who prevent soldiers like LTC West from efficiently fighting the war in Iraq. LTC West a battalion officer in Iraq during

  • My Legacy Leader Is Cw3 Roach

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    My legacy leader is CW3 Roach, John T. I chose him because he had a professional impact on me as well as the entire 4th Infantry Division G2 Analysis and Control Element (ACE) (1). He inspired me to be a proficient analyst, mentor, and overall an adept senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) within the Army. I aspire to leave behind a legacy similar to his; to motivate, develop, and mentor Soldiers to be proficient and competent intelligence analysts. I served in the Air Force Security Forces career

  • Order Of Merit List

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    The ethical issue resonates here. Leaving the interpretation of what best qualified meant up to each commander. Subsequently, every commander had a different perception of what best qualified meant to them. Within the Third Infantry Division (3ID), they developed an Order of Merit List (OML) to help commanders identify the best-qualified Soldiers in their formations. This directive came from the 3ID Commanding General (CG). Each brigade constructed an OML by utilizing Soldiers’

  • With Her Oil Lamp on, That Night Review

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    With Her Oil Lamp On, That Night Review With Her Oil Lamp On, That Night is a Korean novel written by Lim Chul-Woo during the times of War in Korea. This short story is written in such a way that readers can relate to the pain that the victims of the Korean War felt. Lim tells the story with such detail so that the readers feel like they are actually there observing. The story opens with a soldier in the company of rebels in the woods outside the town in which he grew up. The town was evacuated

  • The Legacy Leader Of Influence Essay

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    and my leadership style. This gentleman name is Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Charles Fitzpatrick. I met him when I was stationed in Camp Casey, South Korea in 1999-2000. He was the division CSM. As usual it was hard to see a division CSM in a daily life basis of an infantry line company Soldier. Top of that the division headquarter was located at Camp Red Cloud which was one hour away from Camp Casey. We only see him on the pictures of our chain of command. One day

  • Followership And Leadership Of General Schwarzkopf

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    Followership and Leadership of General Schwarzkopf Introduction General Norman Schwarzkopf had a long lasting career in the United States Army as a follower and a leader. Schwarzkopf’s Army career began with experiencing the Vietnam War, Cold War and eventually commanding the US Central Command (CENTCOM) during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield. His ability as a follower and leader influenced multiple layers of personnel in executing military operations, and fostering affiliations amongst

  • Essay on A Brief Biography of Billie G. Kanell

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    at all before his strength and courage would shine through and we would see what a true hero he was. After a mere eleven days in Korea, Billie joined two other men named Mullen and Rodriguez. Billie and the two other men were part of the 2th Infantry Division (Pruitt). After being with these two men for only an hour, their outfit was sent out five miles on patrol in front of the main lines to relieve another company. They headed up to Hill 717, getting there at about 8 or 9 p.m. (Thiele). Positioned

  • Leadership Reflection For Senior Leadership

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    According to the Introduction to Strategic Studies Course Directive, “This year presents an opportunity to walk in the shoes of senior leaders making difficult and complex decisions before you begin wearing them upon graduation.’’ From the above sentence I can conclude that, this paper could be the beginning of my journey to wear the higher level leaders’ shoes. As I am now starting preparation for a future senior leadership assignment, I have to equip myself with the required knowledge and skills

  • Examining the Different Ways in Which D-day Landing at Omaha Beach is Depicted in Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day

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    Examining the Different Ways in Which D-day Landing at Omaha Beach is Depicted in Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day ‘ Saving Private Ryan’ was made in 1998 by Stephen Spielberg and gives a graphic depiction of the events at Omaha beach on D-day, focusing on a small section of the army and portrays it on a more personal level. ‘The Longest Day’ was made 17 years after the war in 1963 by director Darryl Zannuck. This gives us more of an overview of the entirety of D-Day

  • Ernest Edison Medal Of Honor Recipient

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    States Army soldier and a recipient of the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in the Korean War. He was private First Class, U.S. Army 2nd Squad, 3rd Platoon, Company L, 3rd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, and 25th Infantry Division. Ernest was born on September 2, 1931 in Russell, Kentucky. At eight years old, his parents passed away, therefore Ernest was raised in an orphanage at the Methodist Children's Home in Versailles, Kentucky. He had 125 brothers and