War Is Betrayal By Chris Hedges

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What is War A gentleman known as Chris Hedges, wrote: “War is Betrayal.” He explains and portrays logos by using evidence of himself and talking about others because he has had the experience of being involved in a war. War is a conflict between two opposing groups of enemies pitted against one another in a gruesome battle. In reality, it leaves everlasting effects of dismemberment, mental issues and glory promises to the poor and working class which are eventually only forgotten by society. The military guarantees that the poor, working class will become a much better people and feel like they have achieved something inordinate if they go to war and fight for our cherished country. Those that reside in higher classes have never thought about joining the war, they just expect the lower classes to take all responsibility. Those who went to battle, Veterans, suffer immensely when they return because they are burdened physically, emotionally, and mentally as a result of tragic experience they encountered within their time of serving. Also, he uses ethos by using other people’s tragic experiences as well as not using a counterpoint. Hedges elucidates that war is a betrayal towards America because it does not give the people the ability to reside in peace as well as causing those who fought for a prodigious country to live with long-term effects as a result of catastrophic experiences.
In his article, Hedges states, “I learned at an early age that when the poor fall no one picks
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