The Invisible War By Kirby Dick

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War has always been so merciless, so bloody, and so disastrous. In war there always dead, injuries, and overall is how much the soldier has satisfied. There are war that people can clearly see with bare eyes, that they see soldiers lost a part or more of the whole physical body, but there are war that the soldier fighting with their mental and that is the “invisible war” that nobody can see, but them, soldiers. The “Invisible war” by Kirby Dick 's “brutally shocking documentary argues that rape in the US military” is not an aberration, but a shameful secret epidemic. Victims are expected to suffer in silence and the issue is regarded as an occupational hazard. The US army is known as one of the best army in the world with all the “great” weapons and “strictly” rules that is the place for no mistake and the soldiers are always receive all the best for their satisfy for this country. However, the fact is so many of them were threatening for sex assault, many of them suffer their lives after their join army and in many cases, there are no actions from the government in general. The “ Invisible War” is a fantastic documentary showed the viewer of the other side, the dark invisible war, that the soldiers have to fought for when they are on duty and even after they services are due.
The film mentioned about the cases of five serving female officers and few male cases have been sexually assaulted. Although the department itself provided the figure, last year only

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