Was Conflict Inevitable between the English and the Powhatan?

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The ambitiousness of the English and Powhatan to establish a successful colony shows that conflict between them is not inevitable. There were many reasons why conflict between the English and the Powhatan wasn’t inevitable. Those reasons include the need for land, the individual people that wanted to bring peace between the English and Powhatan, and their need of resources from each other. These reasons show us that while the English and the Powhatan did fight each other to a great extent, that it could’ve ben avoided.

Trade between the English and the Powhatan could have made them dependent on each other, showing that conflict between them wasn’t inevitable. The English had resources that the Powhatan wanted such as axes for cutting things like trees, shovels for digging up things, and blankets because the natives lacked the resources that the English got from England such as metal and wool. Also, the English needed food to survive because they didn’t know how to gather food or resources. Since the English and Powhatan both have things that the other wants, they wouldn’t want to attack each other in the fear that their needed resources wouldn’t be traded and/or given to them. The only reason that the English and the Powhatan had any conflict is because they didn’t trust each other with anything. But if the individual people who did trust them, such as John Smith, the two groups could cooperate. This fear could bring the two groups to an agreement, therefore deeming…