Was Conflict Inevitable between the English and the Powhatan?

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The ambitiousness of the English and Powhatan to establish a successful colony shows that conflict between them is not inevitable. There were many reasons why conflict between the English and the Powhatan wasn’t inevitable. Those reasons include the need for land, the individual people that wanted to bring peace between the English and Powhatan, and their need of resources from each other. These reasons show us that while the English and the Powhatan did fight each other to a great extent, that it could’ve ben avoided.

Trade between the English and the Powhatan could have made them dependent on each other, showing that conflict between them wasn’t inevitable. The English had resources that the Powhatan wanted such as axes for cutting …show more content…

One example is when he showed the Powhatan his compass and how it worked. There are other people with the power to influence. Also other people decided to fight with the natives such as William Tucker who poisoned 200 natives. If Tucker understood them and their beliefs like John Smith did, he could have made that treaty possible and conflict would be avoided.

Even though there were events that led to conflict, those events could’ve been avoided deeming conflict avoidable. One example of those events is the starving time. If The Powhatan helped the English through their troubles and worked together to hunt food to feed themselves, they would have a chance of coping through the drought. But what happened is that the Powhatan wanted to rid the English people from Jamestown so that he could continue his original life as a leader. The Powhatan refused to trade with them or help the English settlers in any way. But in that case, not only did his men starve without the help of the English; they also created a starting point, a bridge to other conflicts. If the Powhatan decided to help the English, he would have prevented all other conflict and creating peace deeming conflict unavoidable.

Since both groups needed land for similar reasons, conflict wasn’t inevitable. The English needed land to

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