Was Ignatius A Man Who Made A Difference?

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Ignatius was a man who made a difference in history. He changed the spiritual world for what it was then to what it is now. I will discuss how Ignatius was lead to his spiritual journey. I will also discuss his how some of this journey made him feels. Thirdly, I will discuss his spiritual findings and how that impacted the future of religion. Without Ignatius taking his life journey in the spiritual world, religion would not be the same as it is currently today.
As a young and strong man Ignatius had a sense of duty to fulfill and his worth to prove almost. Ignatius had been very strong and proud of the duty to his country however due to a horrible incident that changed one day. During a battle with the rebellions Ignatius was injured. …show more content…

During this time frame Ignatius probably experienced many different types of feelings. I would imagine during this time frame Ignatius felt extremely irritate and irate. To be a well known soldier and now being laid out not able to do anything is extremely difficult. Feelings of inadequacy can start to develop. Secondly, I would imagine also due to the leg issues he also started feeling really angry that his leg was not healing correctly. Not only did his leg not heal correctly but it was not the same length has his other leg. This can make a person feel like they’re less of a man or feel like people will judge them. Ignatius crisis in his life has everything to do with finding meaning in his life because God lead him down a new path. He knew the old path was not an option anymore and his crisis helped him open his eyes up to alternative paths. Without the crisis Ignatius probably would have not considered the other paths. Those other paths helped him find the true meaning to his life, just like everyone experiences. In summary, due to the unfortunate events that Ignatius experienced he was able to find his true path in life that meant something to him.
During the recovery stage Ignatius was able to introduce and grow a relationship to God. While he was still recovering Ignatius would start to pray and engage himself with the lord and it was said that he we would

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