Was Sherlock Holmes Guilty For Killing Dr. Roylott

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Sherlock Holmes is not guilty for killing Dr.Roylott. Dr.Roylott’s death was an unfortunate accident. Sherlock did not wish to end his life. Why would Dr.Roylott be naïve enough to sit under the vent? A venomous snake was supposedly to come out of that vent; you think Dr.Roylott would not childish enough to sit under the vent. Dr.Roylott brought death upon himself. Sherlock Holmes never intended to kill Dr.Roylott. Therefor Dr.Roylott’s demise was accidental.
Dr.Roylott’s death was a terrible accident. Sherlock Homes and Dr.Roylott were separated by walls. They were in two different rooms; Sherlock would not have known where Dr.Roylott was positioned in his room. Sherlock agitated the snake. This caused the snake to bite the first person it saw. Sherlock was indirectly responsible for the death of Dr.Roylott. The snake brought Dr.Roylott’s life to a sudden end. If Sherlock would have known Dr.Roylott was under the vent, he would have not attacked the snake as violently …show more content…

In Julia’s room, Sherlock was shouting and calling for Dr.Waston. Clearly, Dr.Roylott could have heard the commotion thought the vent. Why would he just sit there? Dr.Roylott was a well-planned man. You would think he were to have a plan if something back-fired? Now he may have believed nothing could go wrong with his plan, it was perfect; but this would not be likely for Dr.Roylott, he always took account the consequences of his actions. He was sitting under a vent, which supposedly, a venomous snake were to exit from. No one would want to sit under that vent. Dr.Roylott was a intelligent man. He had his doctor’s degree in medicine, traveled to India to practice medicine. Therefore, why would he do a dumb at like this? Dr.Roylott suspected Sherlock Holmes was to be involved with him. If he knew Sherlock were to be meddling around, why would he still try to sneak the snake though the vent? All these unexplained events do not make

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