Water Moccasin Research Paper

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Water moccasins or Cottonmouth snake (Agkisrodon piscivorus) live in the fresh water biome which consists of swamps, lakes, ponds, marches, and streams. The water moccasin has adapted to its environment physically by having a dominant color of brown, dark olive, black, or tan back to be able to blend into rocks and mud. Also a pale stomach for camouflage from predators looking up from underwater. This is called Countershading. Also, because of water tension and the adaption of inflating their lungs to float the water moccasin is able to swim or glide across the water. The cottonmouth is the top of the food chain and web other than hawks, king snakes, people, and owls. Its diet in the wild contains of mammals and reptiles because it is a carnivore.

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