Water Pollution

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There are many forms of pollution throughout the United States, but one of the major sections of pollution is in our water ways. Having pollution throughout our water causes many problems not only for the environments within the water, and the environments outside of it as well. One of the major concerns when it comes to pollution is that people do not seem to care as much as they should. They don’t view it as a big problem, when in reality, it is one of the biggest problems facing the world today.
One of the biggest ways that the water in the United States is getting polluted is from all of the technological advances pertaining to agriculture. Many agriculture practices are being used to produce more food for people, in the country, at lower prices. While mass production of crops might be good for humans financially, it is taking a toll on the environment. Much of the pollution that is created by agriculture is known to cause dead zones. A dead zone is created when there is too much fertilizer in the water and algae starts to grow abundantly. After the algae dies it then proceeds to take all of the oxygen from the water leaving virtually none for the other organisms. According to Poisoned water, dead zones are doubling in frequency and size every 10 years. One thing that has been done to help regulate the amount of pollution coming from agricultural, was the clean water act. The clean water act set up regulations for discharging pollutants into the water and regulating the

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