Water Pollution

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Water Pollution Pollution is harmful to the world that we have come to love and know. Pollution’s harmful effects on the natural world, our environment is tragic. Pollution is a hazard to a human’s health, and causes a vulnerable stage to the Earth’s ecosystem. There are several types of pollution such as; noise, water, air, thermal, and many more. Water pollution, in particular, is the contamination from harsh chemicals, from various outlets, that spread into the bodies of water that will affect humans, land animals, aquatic animals, living plants, and many more.
First, there is point source pollution, pollution that comes from a single location. An example of a point source pollution would be rainfall. Rainfall picks up and carries human-made pollutants, such as harmful gases, oils, and smoke, which are then deposited into a body of water such as lakes, rivers, and groundwaters. Factories and sewage plants are two of the common types of point source pollution. Another main water pollution type is nonpoint source pollution, pollution that comes from multiple locations and sources. An example of nonpoint source pollutions would be, pesticide run offs, urban runoffs, bacteria or nutrients from livestock and crops, harmful chemicals from factories, and many more. “As technology improves, scientists are able to detect more pollutants, and at smaller concentrations, in Earth’s freshwater bodies. Containing traces of contaminants ranging from birth control pills and sunscreen

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