Water Quality and Contamination

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Water Quality and Contamination

Nalissa Johnson

SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment

Otishna Jacobs

16 August 2015



Ground water is the biggest source of drinking water available to human population around the

world and is rapidly being polluted because of industrialization and increasing demands of agriculture

around the world. “Ground waters frequently contain iron, manganese and ammonium above the

allowed concentration levels for drinking water”(Strembal, 2004)There are a lot of dangers associated
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10- Repeated steps 7-9 but filter beaker 2 into beaker 6, beaker 3 into beaker 7, and beaker 4 into beaker 8.

Experiment 2: Water Treatment

100 mL Potting soil 2- 250 mL Beakers
2- 100 mL Beakers 100 mL Graduated cylinder
40 mL Sand 20 mL Activated charcoal
60 mL Gravel 1 Wooden stir stick
Alum Funnel
Cheesecloth Bleach

1- I measured 100mL of soil into a 250mL beaker, and then fill the beaker with water to 200mL mark.

2- Then I had to pour the soil and water solution back and forth between two 250mL beakers for a total of about 15 times.

3- After I mixed the solution I poured out 10mL of the contaminated water into a clean 100mL beaker. The contaminated was used later to compare the treated water at the end of the process.

4- Then I had to add 10 grams of the alum to the 250mL beaker that has the contaminated water, and then mixed for 1-2 minutes with a wooden stick and then it sat for 15 minutes.

5- While I was waiting for the 15 minutes I cleaned out the empty 250mL beaker and folded a piece of the cheesecloth into a 4 layers thick and lined the inside of the funnel.

6- Once I had the funnel lined with the cheese cloth I was able to start layering the funnel. I poured 40mL of sand on the top of the cheesecloth, then 20mL activated charcoal, and then 40mL of gravel. “Beach profile variation and ground water level were measured under
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