Water as a Global Human Need: Research Proposal

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Research proposal Water global human needs Bearing the high rate of depletion of the natural resources due to increased global warming, the increasing global population and persistent lack of nature conservation and preservation, there is urgent need to focus effort on the possibility of contributing towards environmental conservation that leads to conservation of the natural resources by everyone. The prime focus of this paper will be on water as a global human need. Thesis Due to the diminishing levels of usable water at the basic domestic level, there is urgent need to promote water sustainability sensitization from the domestic level for a greater global goal of water conservation as a natural resource. There are a few facts about water that compels great concern and these should be noted. The cosmos holds an average of 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water and of this, the fresh water resources constitute on average 35 million cubic kilometers, say 2.5% of the entire volume. Shifting attention to the fresh water resources, 24 million km3 or say 70% is preserved by nature in the form of ice or permanent snow covers on mountain tops as well as the arctic region. The other almost 30% is stored underground in the form of ground water leaving only 0.3% fresh and usable water in the rivers and fresh water lakes, a paltry 200,000 km3 of fresh and usable water (UN Water, 2013). Relevance of the topic The saddest part is that even the less than 1% of the fresh and
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