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The Watergate Scandal was considered one of the most of disturbing political scandals in the history of America. This Scandal brought down a President and his administration, also made the American public distrust the government which still goes on today. In 1972 there were two break-ins at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, located in the Watergate office and apartment complex located in Washington D.C. The first was 27, 1972 and was performed by G. Gordon Liddy the leader of the group called “ The Plumbers”, E. Howard Hunt, and James W. McCord along with six members of a group known as “the Plumbers”. The break- in was used to
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James McCord and G Gordon Liddy stood trial and were convicted of conspiracy. The Watergate Scandal was broke to the public by Reporters for the Washington Post Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, from information passed to them by a Member of the White House code name as Deep Throat (Mark Felt). With the information that was given to the reporters it showed that many of the President’s staff was involved to include the President. It was revealed that President Nixon had a voice activated taping system installed in the Oval office for all his conversations and phone calls. Confirmed to the Senate in July 1973 by White House aide Alexander Butterfield, after it was revealed it was dismantled and put in Alexander Haig’s custody. Earlier that year Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox and the Senate Committee issued subpoenas for the tapes. Which President Nixon refused claiming executive privilege, when the President finally turned ove r the tapes it was found that to have a 181/2 minute gap in the tapes. Rose Mary Woods, President Nixon secretary admitted that while reviewing and transcribing the tapes that for the Senate committee she accidentally hit the record button while answering a phone call and erased about 5 minutes, she claims that she had nothing to do with the other 13 minutes. The contents of the missing 18 ½ minutes may never be known, although it is believed to contain a conversation between President Nixon and Chief of

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