Watership Down

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The extraordinary novel, Watership Down, by Richard Adams is an adventure filled, meaningful piece of literature published in London around November 1972. Although the plot is about a group of rabbits struggling to find home, the story can be interpreted as so much more. Of course the book can be interpreted differently especially as times change. The general meaning however remains intact. This piece is a great example of an author speaking their voice through writing.
The beginning of the novel takes place at the home of the Owsla Rabbits, which could be classified as a corrupt democracy. When Fiver, one of the main character's, senses something terrible is going to happen to his home, he convinces his brother Hazel and several others to
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He went to Bradfield University and Worcester University, where he studied for his bachelors of arts and masters of arts. In his early years he was in the British Army and served through World War II where he was posted to the Royal Army Service Corps. Coincidentally enough his first novel was infact Watership Down. It started out as a bedtime story he told to his children and after they persuaded him to write it down he eventually had it published in 1972. I believe that his travels around the world because of WWII have given him the opportunity to have observed the different styles of government and society. He then translated these observations into his satirical first…show more content…
This idea may be more important than others just because it gives somewhat of a moral lesson on how to succeed in life. Without the rabbits great work ethic and strong will they would not have made it to Watership Down. Even after they were worn to the brim and some even injured, they kept on going because they had a good leader and a bright vision of their future. They continued to go even when some had became skeptical. This leads into another small side note that, no one was ever left behind. When Pipkin, a small loyal rabbit was injured, he was not left behind. The group came up with the water raft idea to get him across the river, because they cared and looked out for one another.Hazel also took the time to examine him and help to heal his foot so they could continue on with their journey. You can almost trace this back to the beginning of the book, when Hazel and Fiver were about to embark on their trip they could have saved themselves and left, but they didn’t. They warned the others and gave an invitation to anyone that wanted to go. They tried to save anyone and everyone that they could, because they couldn’t leave anyone
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