Watership Down by Richard Adams

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Different people can interpret most, if not all movies differently. This difference of opinion can lead to countless debates that will go on until the end of time. This is with all movies including moves that are intended for the younger audience. Children’s movies usually have different themes that will fly right over a child’s head and only be noticed by the adults watching. Whether it is just a pop culture joke or reference or a major theme in the film, they are intended to keep the adult audience engaged and thinking. In 1978 Nepenthe Productions released the animated film, Watership Down, based off of the 1972 book of the same title written by Richard Adams. Through the eyes of a child the movie was non other than a film about a group of rabbits escaping their home, which is being destroyed, in hopes of finding a new place to reside. You may want to believe this movie is just about rabbits, but through the eyes of an adult this movie has a very different meaning. The use of animals in children’s movies to make a film kid friendly has been done for years. This is one reason why the rabbits are so effective in telling this tale. Rabbits are cute cuddly animals that present no threat or danger. Kids love bunnies and long to have them as pets. If I was a parent at the release of Watership Down, I would think the movie was just a film about rabbits and think, how much harm can it cause? After watching Watership Down for the first time I came to the conclusion that this is
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