Ways Of Men And Women

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12.) Ways that men and women differ in how they cope with stress is that men are more likely to fight or leave, while women seek social support. Men will become focused, while women tend to become emotional and overwhelmed.
13.) People from different cultures may differ in their cognitive appraisals of stress because it indicates an individual 's ethnic background is associated with what that person appraises as stressful.
14.) Hardiness is a characteristic that distinguishes stress-resistant people from those who are more susceptible to it 's harmful effects. It refers to a bunch of characteristics, than just one.

15.) Hardy people differ from others by three respects. The first one is commitment (rather than alienation) and this is where they have a deeper involvement in their jobs and other life activities. The second one is control (rather than powerlessness) and this is where they believe that they can influence important events in their lives and the outcomes they experience. The third one is challenge (rather than threats) and this is where they perceive change as a challenge and an opportunity to grow, rather than as a threat to their world/society.

16.) Optimists differ from pessimists because optimists have a certain tendency to envision the future as favorable, while pessimists have a certain tendency to envision the future as unfavorable. Optimists cope with stress in more adaptive ways, than pessimists. Optimists are more likely to engage in…
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