Ways Your Web Developer Or Designer Ripping You Off? Essay

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10 Ways your Web Developer Or Designer Ripping You Off?

More and more people today use the internet to search for products, services, or some other information.
Look at this Google statistics:
This is not considering other search engines.
So if your business doesn 't have a website, then you may be losing out on a lot.
However, you may not enjoy the full benefits of having a website if your web developer or designer rips you off through the following ways:
They charge too much
Okay, I have to be extremely open here…
The fact is creating a website today isn’t as magical as it used to be 10 years ago. This is because there’re thousands of resources out there that can allow you create a professional website in minutes and for cheap or even nothing.
I’ve seen people pay up to $10,000 to their web developers for professional websites that could be easily built with $1000(or even less!).Oops, I said it.
I’ve seen web developers charge thousands of dollars for projects they completed by just changing a simple template.
Note: I understand the huge difference in prices may be due to the brand and other factors depending on the country in question.
For example, a web designer in India may be comfortable charging $3.5/hour, whereas a web designer from the UK may not be comfortable doing the same.
This may be because India has a lesser standard of living than the UK.
They charge too little
While this may sound counterproductive to the point stated above, paying little for your

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