Creating A Website For An Effective Website

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Having a website allows your network to benefit from an online presence and educate customers to its business. But what does it take to create such a website? What are the steps needed to create and operate an effective website, a site that encourages customers to do business with you? Technically, the creation of a single site is not something difficult: thousands of new sites are appearing on the web on a daily basis. But this "apparition" proves to be a handicap in terms of appearance and operation. Here are 6 steps to create a site likely to leave a favorable impression in the minds of customers, actual and potential. 1. Think about the goal, to the look and feel of your site Begin this discussion by assessing other similar sites in your industry or other network sites. Determine what you think is useful or not useful at these sites. Ask yourself the following questions: What connection is there between fashion design, use of illustrations and colors or tone of the text and the activity itself? Does the site offers easy access to the information that most customers have an immediate need? Will they want to visit it again, and why? Is it clear that the information will be updated on a regular basis? The fact to consider other sites allow you to better understand what you expect from yours. 3. Remove a domain name Your domain name is the Internet address that users type into their browser to find your site. For example, You must file all domain
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