Wbv Exposure Case Study

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WBV exposures associated with seated exposure have been identified with seated operators of numerous vehicle categories including; heavy machinery, forklifts, tractors, trains, aircraft, buses, cars, and trucks on both paved and unpaved roadways. WBV exposures have also been identified with standing operators of forklifts, cranes, or while standing on vibrating floors. And, prone operators can include ambulance transport patients or sleeping quarters subjected to ground floor vibrations. (Paschold, H., 2008)

b. Mode of transmission in body

c. Other factors exacerbating WBV injury

Epidemiological support of WBV injuries
Epidemiological studies have demonstrated that exposure to WBV has the potential to cause injury and is
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Bovenzi, M., & Hulshof, C. (1999) Epidemiological studies like these indicate a strong connection between WBV and the presentation of occupational illness. The connection is referred to a strong evidence according to NIOSH and in the general consensus of health and safety professionals. The scientific community in the United States had its first conference regarding human vibration from June 5 through 7, 2006 and had its 5th conference on June 8 through 10, 2016; allowing for an extensive dissemination of WBV research. (Paschold, H., 2008)

Common control strategies for WBV injury mitigation
Common control strategies for exposure to WBV begin with attempting to remove or reduce the exposure. It is highly probable that effective control measures will be based on combining several control methods. These methods encompass administrative controls and engineering controls.
Administrative Controls
The administrative controls include, but are not limited to, substitution, equipment selection, purchasing policies, task and process design, and training. It may be possible to substitute other materials or work methods that eliminate or reduce the level of exposure to WBV, such as utilizing a conveyor system. Assure that equipment selected has been proven to eliminated or reduce the transmission of vibration.
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