We Are From Wilderness By Chrisna Byck

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In the article” we are from wilderness” by Chrisna Byck the author believe that humans have evolved with the wilderness just as we have evolved living in cave. She argues that as we evolved as a society we are becoming distant and starting to lose the connection we have with the wilderness because of technology. Therefore, we do not see the important of the wilderness and how valuable it is to us. I absolutely agree with Byck I believe our generation do not play much attention to nature because we are occupied with other things. In addition, I believe that Byck life Journey in the article show the reader about how the beauty of nature is far beyond the expression of words because of her lack of worlds to describes the beauty of what she sees. …show more content…

The first thing that comes to mind when I read this sentence is that I absolute agree with what Minch is saying because as society we often do not think about the important of nature and how it affect us. If we do not take care of the world we are in it will later have a great impact on our clement. I like the fact that Minch uses the world umbilical to describe our connection with nature. The umbilical stands as a symbol of bound between us and nature. This is something that I have never really thought about before. Furthermore, Minch also states that “It is true that we often forget about the connection we have with Wildness, because modern urban living obscures that connection” This sentence have a huge impact on me because our generation pay more attention to technology then we do to nature. Therefore, we have lost our connection with nature because we are too …show more content…

Furthermore, their stories talk about their journey in life and how it leads them to their love for nature. Although their story in narrated differently there love and passion for nature and the wilderness shows throughout each of their stories. Both author is in awe as they describe to the readers what they are seeing through their eyes. For example, Mincy state that “I am often lost in thought as I watch water carve its way through ancient rock while, at the same time, laying the sediments that will tell future travelers of our place in history”. (Mincy, 2016) As I read this sentence I began to picture in my head as if I was next to Mincy and seeing through his eye and imagine what he is feeling. Another example is according to Byck,” Dinner was followed by sweet-smelling shisha pipes, copious small glasses of shay (tea,) conversation, traditional songs and music”. (2016) as I read Byck journey it encourages me to want to travel to lots of different places and experiences the culture through food and music. In addition through reading Byck and Mincy life journey have given me a different prospect on life and make me appreciate the little thing in life that we often take for

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