We As Humans Like To Question Whether God Exist Or Not

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We as humans like to question whether God exist or not because, humans like to know anything and everything. In the Christian religion, there are many different types of denominations and the one that will be acknowledged is The Disciple of Christ. When we learn about God its mostly of how we praise him and how to pray to him. These five worldviews that are chosen to help show how The Disciples of Christ denomination see the world Christianity and that is with The Concepts of God, World and Humanity, Worship, Humanity’s problem and solution, and The Afterlife. The Christian religion is sort of complex because there are so many other denominations they may think differently than my denomination of Christianity. Nevertheless, we follow …show more content…

Jesus is the Son of God, and God is a spirit of some sort that knows all and sees all.
In the bible, it is said that God made the heavens and the earth, but that humanity flourished from Adam and Eve. It is said Eve was made from Adams rib, but for him to have someone so Adam was not lonely. Then it’s said God makes everyone in his own image and that we are made from sand. Humanity relates to the world because, without humans, there would be nobody here to pass on the thoughts of God. No one would know he (God) exists because he wouldn’t have had a son to show and follow his word, guide his commands through to the people. Humanity and the world are needed together if not there would be no knowledge of the Christian religion or of “God”. Humanities purpose is sort of complex because there are so many reasons and ideas that people have of too why we are here, but the bibles tells us that the sole purpose of human existence is to get married and make children, worship God, follow his word, never question him, stay away from evil things such as: adultery, killing people. The purpose of human existence, has changed from what God wanted it to be and people hardly follow his commands anymore humans do what they want to do. As far as life on other planets are concerned, there are no other life forms beyond this world that we know of that’s why in today’s time we have sent people and rovers to other planets to see if there are other life forms other

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