We Must Be Denied Without Effective Proof

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In this postmodern society everyone is entitled to their own opinions and view of truth. No truth is greater then the next and everyone believes in what they please. What happens when someone says, “I know the most truthful truth ever known to man” or believe that they unlocked the real understanding to life? These kinds of statement interfere with one’s belief on truth and this is when the tools used to maintain peace are compromised. Not all compromise are considered bad but when the “style” by which someone lives by is rudely rebutted or forced to be forgotten then, tolerance and peace toward the offender and offended is terminated. Everyone has the right to think as they please and regardless, no matter how ideological the idea, should never be denied without effective proof and the willingness to change. This type of situation is an example of two people having a lack of tolerance towards each other. Seeing how this is a current problem, one can easily understand how this happens in College, High schools, and elementary level schools around the country. These communities will cease to work with each other, in a positive manor, when a “bigot(s)” tries to stop a kids praying in sports, deny religious groups the right to pray, or will force their style of life on all others. Believing differently in this world is not a big problem; the problem arises when two parties fight for what they believe. Just recently The Chronicle of Higher Education reported, “University of

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