We Must Start Up Your Computer

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Personally I love waiting fifteen minutes while my computer starts up. It 's an excellent opportunity for bonding - just you and the black screen. But if you prefer to actually start working before the thoughts of violence creep in, cleaning up your computer 's Startup is a sure-fire way to shave off some of that "bonding time". Every time your computer starts, it loads a batch of programs. Some of these programs are needed for the computer to run, but most have slipped themselves into your auto-loading queue so that they can accost you every time you start up your computer. Messenger programs are notorious for this, but there are many other programs that will automatically invite themselves into your Startup. And let 's face it: nobody likes an uninvited guest. But before you start getting trigger-happy and exterminating programs left and right, you need to give yourself a safety net. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System restore. If you 've never seen this screen before, that 's probably a good thing. System Restore is basically a shield to protect against the inevitable mistakes we humans tend to make. While it automatically creates restore points, usually when a new program is installed, it 's beneficial to create your own restore point before altering anything on your computer. If in the event you do make a mistake, you can go back to System Restore and return your computer to a restore point. So select Create a Restore Point, then name

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