We Need Innovative Elementary Teachers . What Is An Innovative

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We Need Innovative Elementary Teachers What is an Innovative Teacher The top personality traits associated with great teachers include: enthusiasm, warmth and humor, credibility, high expectations for success, encouraging and supportive, businesslike, and adaptable (Vontz & Goodson, 2016, pp 19). While I do agree these traits would definitely come to mind when thinking about what really makes a great teacher, I believe the one real personality trait missing here is ‘innovative.” When I look at the world around me, I think about all the changes we are faced with every day and I believe what we really need in our elementary schools are innovative teachers ready to bring our students to the next new-age level. Students should be challenged…show more content…
Teachers are utilizing better professional development tools, new content creation, other teaching tools, and the latest research in brain science to adapt and refine their methods. Entrepreneurs are creating both for-profit and social startups that address childhood development, tutoring, learning data analytics, student loans, alumni networking and almost every other area we can think of in an effort to find effective and elegant learning solutions.” He also concludes, “Making an impact in education, both in building our knowledge and skills as well as our understanding towards one another, is worthy of the best and brightest minds. Having better-educated citizens will be the necessary prerequisite to improving many other aspects of society.” His statements drive home the fact we simply need innovative teachers in our elementary classrooms. Characteristics of an Innovative Teacher When looking to the future of my elementary classroom, I believe part of the learning experience I create for my students should be teaching them how they can impact their own academic achievement. No longer are we living in a world where we have to rely on others to give us important information. We are not our students and we shouldn’t expect them to live by the same standards of education we raised with. Gone are the days of the teacher having all the information. We should revel in the fact that technology is the driving force making knowledge instantaneously
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