We Should Cherish Our Children 's Freedom

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Education enables students to get many opportunities to expand their knowledge and to increase their points of view, and allow to acquire the importance of understanding and acceptance. Every single elements people have touched and stored become indispensable and lifelong nourishment. Unfortunately, not every children can get chance to be educated. I consider that is why the way of education should be the best in order not to waste students time, opportunities and motivations. However, some country concentrated on teaching not for children’s culture, but for immediate examinations.This circumstances prevents students from growing their creativity. Through this paper, I would like to explore this idea by recognizing the strength of “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” by Kie Ho, and recognizing the weakness reveal by the comparison of “Teach Knowledge, Not ‘Mental Skills’” By E. D. Hirsch. First analysis is what “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” points out. The author, Kie Ho cast a doubt that “If American education is so tragically inferior, why is it that this is still that country of innovation?”(Ho 113), Then exclaim “Disgruntled American parents forget that in this country their children are able to experiment freely with ides; without this they will not really be able to think or to believe in themselves.”(Ho 113). Using this idea the author define freedom as the “most important measurement” which “has been omitted in the studies of

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