We Start By Defining Executive Coaching Essay

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We start by defining executive coaching. Kilburg (1996) defines the executive coachee as a person who has management responsibility in an organization. He defines the coach as a consultant who uses behavioral techniques to help the executive coachee achieve a mutually defined set of goals. He defines the coaching relationship as a supportive relationship between the executive coachee and the coach. Finally, he defines the coaching goals as objectives to improve the executive coachee’s performance, executive coachee’s personal satisfaction, and effectiveness of the executive coachee’s organization within a formally defined coaching agreement. Executive leadership coaching has a similar definition defined by the Center for Creative Leadership as a relationship “in which the executive coachee and coach collaborate to assess and understand the executive coachee and his or her leadership developmental tasks, to challenge current constraints while exploring new possibilities, and to ensure accountability and support for reaching goals and sustaining development” (Ting & Hart, 2004). Coaching helps executive coachees and organizations to be more effective by changing the executive coachee’s behavior, emotions, attitudes, and thoughts (Kilburg, 1996).

But thus far, attempting to measure effectiveness of coaching has proved unsatisfactory. Theeboom, Beersma, & van Vianen (2013) conducted a meta-analysis to determine the effectiveness of coaching in an organizational setting. They…

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