Weapons and Tactics of WWI and WWII

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In WW1 and WW2, the weapons and tactics of war were very important towards the different countries and sides. They each had a certain way of fighting and defending. In World War One, it was harder for people because it was earlier in the 1900s. But, it was a little easier during World War One because the weapons and tactics were amped up.
During World War one, the weapons weren't all that great. But it was a time when a lot of new weapons were introduced and used very much in a deadly way. They had rifles, gas, gigantic guns, and many other things.
The weapons during this time includes guns, such as, rifles, machine guns, artillery and weapons on tanks. Speaking of tanks, when ww1 started the first tank was introduced and was used as a weapon and still is being used as a weapons. Some other weapons of this time period were Mortars that were pressurized guns that pushed out little bombs. There were also gasses, but they weren't very successful because they would blow up unexpectedly. Flamethrowers were also very big for germans, they used them against the french and it definitely worked. One of the main things that was used was aircraft. They took new ideas and turned them into weapons and new ways to get around.
With the weapons came the tactics to World War One. The main warfare tactic was defensive trenches. People made many trenches and hid in them. But they also stored weapons and fought against people. They would shoot from inside the trenches, but then some people

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