Web Conferencing : A Type Of Real Time Communication

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Web conferencing is a type of real-time communication that allows its participants to interact with each other via the internet. Users can access the conference from their own personal devices, in the comfort of their own homes or offices. These services allow different people in several locations around the world to connect to online meetings. These conferences comprise of audio delivery, through the use of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) tools; web components, such as sharing information online by means of documents and applications; and usually video, where all participants can view the same desktop screen on their own personal browsers.[1] Web conferencing, which differs only slightly from exclusive instant message, video, and audio conferencing, is a somewhat broad term that is used to categorize different forms of collaborative meetings. Sessions known as webinars, for example, meet the criteria. Webinars are live-streamed seminars conducted on the internet that involve hosts sharing content with a wide variety of interacting viewers.[2] Whether used for collaboration between students and teachers involved in online schooling or coworkers cooperating on a business-related project, web conferencing is a professional and productive form of technology we utilize and have integrated into our work life to aid us with more efficient communication methods. History The idea of remotely conferencing has been around for almost a century. The videophone can be traced back
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