Wedding Dress : A Legal Contract

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In September 2014 a legal contract had been stipulated between “JME Wedding Dresses” and Michael in order to create a particular wedding dress made of an expensive Italian material for the wedding of her daughter Sophia. A contract can be created thank to an offer and an acceptance between the offeree and the offeror, which both have legal capacities. Therefore, a commercial binding agreement has been created, which the court will enforce, if needed. A Contract establishes the terms within it, there are two type of it: expressed and implied. Expressed terms are the ones that are the key elements of the contract, in other words terms, which the offeror will accept to be bound by. The express term request by Michael is that the wedding dress must be made of a particular silk fabrics and lace that can be obtained from Italy only. While, the implied terms come from the legislation, such as statues or Act of Parliament. Nonetheless, the manufacturer of the wedding dress did not respect some principles inside the “ Sale and Supply of Goods Act (1994) and in the “Supply of Goods and Services Act (1982)”. In this case study, it could be easily understand that both of the terms had not been respected, consequently there is a clear breach of contract. In fact, a contract has been breached when one of the parties perform the contract differently or defectively. Under this circumstance, Michael is legitimate to sue JMS Wedding Dresses because the wedding dress was not assembled with

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