Essay about Wedding Speech – Best Man

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Wedding Speech – Best Man

Before I begin with Leon’s character assassination, I should probably introduce myself, as a lot of you don’t know me…my name is Andy. My full name is actually Andy WhatcanIgetyou. For those of you who I meet in the bar later, I’d appreciate it if you could Use my full name.

I’d also like to remind you, that the more you laugh at my gags the faster my speech will be delivered…so it’s in your own best interest…

I think being a best man can be a very nerve racking experience…(pause)… if there’s one person here this afternoon feeling nervous, apprehensive and queasy about what lies ahead….then it’s probably because you’ve just married Leon.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity, not only to
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In Lucy, Leon’s found someone that is beautiful, intelligent, caring….and in Leon, Lucy’s found…..well (pause)…a balding merchant banker. (turn to Leon) – I think we know who got the better deal…

Then, after University, Leon started working at Lehman Brothers in London. Leon’s always been known to be a hard worker…in fact at Lehmans I believe he gets called ‘GOD’:

No-one ever sees him
He makes his own rules…..
And any work he does is a bloody miracle

Then, 4 years after first meeting Lucy, Leon popped the big question – and had it been any other of my mates that told me they were going to propose to their girlfriends, I’d have been a little surprised at the least…. But when Leon told me, I really wasn’t – they’re clearly meant to be together and seem to make each other very happy.

So who is this man that Lucy has just married???

Well, Leon was once described as ARROGANT, CONCEITED, INSENSITIVE and SELFISH…and…if anyone knows him it’s his mother…

But over the last 5 years, Leon’s been a great mate to me, and has helped me through all sorts of relationship and career disasters, and deep down he’s one of the nicest, most generous guys I know.

I believe at this point I’m supposed to give some advice on married life and what lies ahead. Unfortunately, I’ve never been married, I’m scared rigid at the very prospect, and am totally in awe of the commitment these
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