Welcome For Magney House Designed By Pritzker Prize Winning Architect Glenn Murcutt

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Welcome to Magney House designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Glenn Murcutt. Nestled into a gentle slope in the coastal landscape of Bingie Point New South Wales, Magney House is a considered response to the client brief and a demonstration of Murcutt’s design philosophy to “touch this earth lightly”. Murcutt’s understanding of the unique ecological, climatic and geological characteristics of the site has culminated in a skilfully orchestrated architectural system that fosters a strong connection to the natural world and immerses occupants within the landscape. Completed in 1984, the house was designed as a family holiday retreat that replicated the camping experience that the family had enjoyed on the site for many years. The clients desire for the building to connect with nature and minimise intervention within the landscape aligns with Murcutt’s design ethos and formed the basis of a productive working relationship. Murcutt’s understanding of the client’s needs is beautifully expressed with the plan, accommodating the parents need for retreat from children and guests through the creation of two separate social zones connected by a communal space that brings the occupants together. The deceptively simple plan reveals a sophisticated organisational strategy to delineate the living and services areas. A circulation spine running the length of the pavilion is subtly employed with a serial progression of doors that incites movement. The identification of a circulation

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