Welfare Should Be Reformed Essay

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Welfare has been around for than six decades. Since the beginning of its creation people have question whether the programs offered is helping the community. As American taxpayer's, your funds contribute to welfare for others. Due to the large number of members who receives government assistants, it is not that simple to monitor every individual. But, I propose that welfare should be reformed. Society is abusing the access to social welfare and to change the downfall sure to come, the government needs to reform the accessibility and ownership of welfare because it defiles the reason why it was formed, it is creating a dependent nation, and effects taxpayers and people who really need government assistance. The federal government …show more content…

Citizen of all financial levels from the poor, middle class and even what some considered first class citizen commit welfare fraud.# Committing a federal fraud can send one to jail for an extensive time. So one would think everyone who commits welfare fraud would be prosecuted and thrown in jail. Well it's not that easy, there are too many citizens who receive welfare to fully monitor everyone which is understandable. But, is society responsible for the well-being of others who depend on another? If so, what is the cost to the rest of the community? Is the dependent able body citizen to be held in any way responsible for them selves? How far must poverty go before society is morally bound to act? Theses are the questions asked about welfare by taxpayer as stated by Joseph Westfall. Billions of dollars are collected for welfare yearly, this money is collected from taxpayers and redistributed to those demonstrating economic need. The problem is anyone can make their self seem as though they need help. According to the common wealth foundation the government has went about ways to stop welfare fraud by creating American Legislative Exchange Council. American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC was formed to do recovery audit; improper payments that can be used to recoup the cost of fraud in state welfare operations. Recovery audits allow private contractors to audit fraud in Medicaid and other programs, and collect from those cheating the

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