Wellbeing Of Australians As A Tolerant Society

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Donald Horne has raised seven commitments in his book called “An Australian compact.” Two of these that will be discussed throughout this essay are “To uphold the ideal of Australian as a tolerant and fair society” and “To continue to develop Australia as a society devoted to the wellbeing of its people.” Evidence will be explored that shows Australia is committed to being a fair, tolerant society and an increasingly multicultural society; however, the Australian government is not looking after the wellbeing of all of its people today. (The Australian Immigration book, n.d). Australians believe in equal rights and everyone is to be given a fair go. The wellbeing of Australians has changed over the years but the fundamental values have stayed…show more content…
The government supports the education system by offering public primary and secondary schooling for all Australian children. Tertiary education is available following secondary schooling and this is also subsidised. Students still need to pay for this but they can pay as they go or defer payments till after graduating and when earing over $50,000 a year.
All Australians are given fair go at work with laws in place though “Fair Work Australia” which is all about creating a fair workplace. This law makes sure all Australians are paid correctly, they are not being over worked and the conditions of employment they work in are safe and fair. Australians are entitled to sick leave, holiday leave and other benefits. These laws have been in place for many years and Australians still strictly follow these today.
The “Australian Government Department of immigration and citizenship” have a statement that must be signed when an immigrant is becoming a citizen of Australia. It states in the society and values section
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Jobs are more stressful so people do not have job satisfaction. An Australian work week is meant to be 38 hours, but the average Australian, according to ……..????? works 39.7 hours per week. This may bring people financially rewards but it effects the wellbeing of people because they become more stressed as they do not get a work life balance. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015). The Australian government now wants to cut cost to the health system, disability Support, age pension and less funding to schools. Australians now have to pay to see doctors. This will effect the wellbeing of Australians because these are the people who need this help the most. (MacCallum,
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