Wendy Peterson case analysis Essay

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Business Memo To: From: Date: 2/5/2014 Subject: Manager-Employee Issues I am writing the memo to share some issues I have with one of my employees. Ten moths ago I hired a salesman with Chinese origin to help the company to take over the Chinese businesses in Plano, Texas. I cannot “click on personal level” with him since the very beginning of our relationship which is causing troubles in our communications. Another reason for our communication problem could be the different cultural background we have and our opposite personalities. I believe employees should be able to connect to their leader to become good followers. I think I am extrovert and should be able to get closer to him over time but there are some other issues that I…show more content…
Managing subordinates with different cultural backgrounds and working styles from your own is very hard because it makes your decision as manager subjective. Managers tend to evaluate the attitude of the subordinate not his performance and any differences are seen as problems. This creates tension at workplace, atmosphere of low cooperation. Dealing with situation like this should be done with reflecting mind set and self regulation. The manager should step back, explore the issue, weight positives versus negatives, accept the person the way he is and try to be objective in his evaluation. Dealing with “different” subordinate involves paying specific attention to the concept of “psychological work contract.” According to this concept the employee will maintain the high production, low grievances if the manager guarantees and respects the norms of the employee informal culture (let the employees alone, make certain they make adequate wages, and have secure jobs). The issue is that subordinate’s norms of informal culture are altered and usually managers keep requiring the same input without keeping his part of the contract. Understanding the different cultural background and accepting the different working style should help you in taking rational decision. A manager should not be thinking about a problem employee but an employee with problems. When problems are caused by a broken psychological contract the self
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