Western Civilization Research Paper

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Birthplace of the Western Civilization What do most people think about when someone says ancient temples and magnificent architecture? Some may say it has had many achievements in science, philosophy, government, and arts. We all have known Greece for its breath taking temples and incredible architecture, but what we most likely don't focus on is their culture. The Greeks love to do activities like visiting Athens, sightseeing tours, and days cruises on the Mediterranean. The Greek people call themselves Hellenes, which most of us call them Greeks. In Greece, some of the major topics are: religion of the population, how much education is involved in the Greeks everyday life, and Olympics in Athens. Did you know that the Olympics was originated in Athens, Greece? Athens, Greece has hosted two of the many games put on by the world. Greece has participated in every Summer Olympic Game. According to Greece (GRE) Olympic Medals, "In the history of the Olympic games, Greece has won 110 medals, which puts them in the top 20% of medal winning countries." This is shown that Greece has had amazing years in the Olympic Games. Comparing the U.S. To Greece in the Olympics is a huge success for the U.S., Even though Greece is much…show more content…
Since public school is free in Greece, that shows that education is very important to the Greek people. The Greek highly encourage education at a young age. The education center in Greece is located in Athens, Greece's capital city. If anyone wanted to put there child in a private school, they could. This true because Greece has public and private school all over. According to Education in Greece, "The Greek Educational System consists of three successive levels: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education level." We should know that when a child attends a school in Greece, that they are well educated. Showing that Greece has levels for it's education, it does prove that education in Greece is one of it's major
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