What Are Achieved And Ascribed Statuses?

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Review Questions 1. What is a social group? How are in-groups different from out-groups? A social group is two or more individuals who interact with each other and share similar norms, beliefs, and expectations . An in-group and out-group are different. While an in-group is one that members feel respect and likeness with, an out-group contains individuals that a member feels a sense of competition or dislike for. 2. What are achieved and ascribed statuses? Ascribed status is one that an individual is born into or gains involuntarily during their life. Most people have little choice about the ascribed status they receive. Achieved status is one that is taken by choice. However, an ascribed status often influences the achieved status that an individual will have. 3. What are three of the different stages that society has gone through? The first stage that society has …show more content…

What is social structure? What are two of the building blocks that help make up social structure? Social structure is the organization of society into predictable relationships. Two of the building blocks that help make up social structure are social group and social institutions. 5. What are primary and secondary groups? What is an example of each? Primary groups are small groups that have members who share personal, lasting relationships with each other. Members of the group interact frequently and show concern for each other. A family or group of friends are examples of a primary group. Secondary groups are larger and more impersonal. They usually undertake an activity or specific goal and exist for short periods of time. An example of a secondary group would be a football team. Group members usually don't have a personal relationship with each other and only interact during the season. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Describe Solomon Asch’s study. How do you think you would have responded to the study if you were a part of it? Do you think you would have changed your

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