What Are I Die?

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I want to die. A phrase that many people with depression repeat to themselves every day. In the game “Today I Die” you play as, who you assume to be, a girl who is suffering depression, seemingly giving up as you watch her slowly sink due to the stone tied around her waist. At some point during the game you find out that the jellyfish behind her become a metaphoric source of hope, coming from a place you least expect it to be. However, there are always things that will prevent that hope from forming, and those things take the form of two large black fishes that will start chasing the jellyfish after you click on it. Once you keep the jellyfish away from the fish long enough they stop chasing after it, and the jellyfish gifts you with a new word, shine.
As you progress throughout the game you begin to find more parts of depression being represented within the game’s environment, such as the change over into the dark world. While you can explore it before you find the word shine, there is very little you can do until you get the word which will dissipate the dark clouds and unearth a buried statue that gifts you with another word, swim. The last world you can encounter, from the game’s beginning, is the painful world, where you come to find sprites that look like you but are blacked out instead. Upon receiving the words shine and swim it is only in the painful world where you can progress the game. If you use the word shine to rid yourself of your darker halves, then use swim
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