What Are Sainsbury's Aims

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HOW AND WHY TWO RETAIL BUSINESSES USE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES USING SMART THE MEANING OF SMART Specific: A Specific goal which is set in order to have a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. Measurable - The criteria for measuring progress towards the attainment of the goal which is set. Achievable – The goal needs to be achievable within the parameters set. Realistic- To be realistic, you must have all the resources to meet the objective. Timely – A goal should be set within a time frame as clear deadlines will make it easier to see if you are on target or not. SAINSBURY’S Sainsbury’s aim is to be the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop. Their goal is to make customers’ lives easier, offering great …show more content…

Sainsbury’s has this aim because they are a large worldwide operation who have an impact on the environment and, therefore, have a responsibility to do what is right. By demonstrating their commitment to the environment, it benefits them by showing that they are a caring company and, therefore, instilling trust from the customer. Their objective to consider environmental issues are met by introducing their positive waste programme which helps to facilitate the donation of tonnes of surplus food to Fare Share from their suppliers, a reduction of own brand packaging and a reduction of operational carbon emissions and water. They have also improved their farm reporting and benchmarking to support the identification of key areas for greenhouse gas savings. By Sainsbury’s applying these practices, it has helped them to reduce their carbon footprint and in turn helped them to reduce their operational …show more content…

With the current media coverage showing concern regarding the increase in obesity, Sainsbury’s have a responsibility as a food supplier to ensure people eat healthier and have more nutritious foods. By Sainsbury’s promoting healthier foods and lifestyles, they are investing in their customers’ well-being and future. This, in turn, demonstrates to the customer that they are valued and are a key priority to Sainsbury’s, resulting in customer loyalty. Sainsbury’s objective is to make a positive difference to the community by being a good neighbour. They meet their objective by employing the right staff who share their values and help make a difference. They promote active youth and encourage thousands of children across the UK to live healthier, more active lifestyles together with considering the community impact by investing in good causes. They want to be a good neighbour because they have a moral obligation to supply healthy, nutritious foods and there is nowhere better to begin the learning process than at an early age from the source of the

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