What Are Tattoos Affect Body Modifications?

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I. Introduction
Are you among the group of individuals with a tattoo or facial piercing? Do you know anyone with a tattoo or facial piercing? How many people do you work with that have body modifications? In society today, 1 in every 10 Americans has a tattoo and . But for business owners looking to hire, there lies some confliction. Individuals participating in body modifications around America face a prejudice I never realized to be so prevalent among the job world until I conducted further research. The trend to tattoo or pierce one’s body has increased in popularity for the United States in recent years and while the negative stigma of body modifications seems to be dwindling, many employers continue to stand firm in their policies against
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This means that if an applicant has tattoos or piercings, they will most likely cover them in order to land the job. In retrospect, we can say that we all modify our bodies every day to some degree. Think about it. You wake up to brush your hair, choose a flattering outfit, put on a watch or jewelry and you may even put makeup on to enhance your appearance. However, not everyone modifies themselves via tattoo or piercing. So, what do you think of when tattoos and body piercings come to mind? First, I picture this: some obscure girl, tattoo on the nape of her neck, nose ring hooped along the outer nostril, working at Highland Coffees and reading Dostoyevsky while on a ten-minute cigarette break. At other times I imagine a middle aged, overweight and leather-clad biker man riding down the highway with arms fully extended flaunting a sleeve of tattoos. All judgments I’ve just passed stem from the stereotype that society has given to the individual straying from the norm; a stereotype that once associated any form of body modification as an act of rebellion and downright appalling. For the last few centuries people from cultures all over the world have participated in body modifications. The trend ranges from country to country. A group of monks in Thailand have tattoos in order to gain spiritual protection and ward off
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