What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Life Insurance

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1.Advise Carl buy his life insurance, in this way ,he can get some protection of his life when some accident happen to him .if he get some serious disease, he can have much money for treatment.
2.Recommending Carl obtain life insurance inside superannuation.

Advantage: insurance is easier to manage. When you pass Super Life Insurance, the insurance premium will be deducted from your retirement account balance, not your own bank account.
2.Super insurance may be the same as other insurance companies' life insurance Due to the large number of its members, excess business officers may be able to negotiate discounts on the life insurance premiums charged by their members. 3.This does not always give you coverage over the same …show more content…

He can purchase private health insurance to cover part or all of the cost of health care as a private patient. Having private health insurance is an important and cost-effective protection measure that prevents accidental health problems and provides Karl more control over his health care, choose services and choose a doctor.

Private health insurance makes him first Even if he does not have a serious family or personal medical history, nor can he be sure that he will not require certain services or specialized cases in the future. People with private health insurance have a sense of peace and know that if necessary, they will get the best medical care.

Private health insurance members enjoy benefits: Greater flexibility: choose the right doctor for you, we can quickly visit Australia's best doctors and experts. More than half of all surgeries in Australia are paid by private medical funds. When you want health care: Selective surgery is less time to wait Medical insurance does not provide services such as ambulances, spine therapy, dental, physiotherapy, optics, diet advice and some alternative therapies Relieve the pressure of the public hospital system, let go of government funds to upgrade the

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