What Are The Ancient Egyptian Medical Problems

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The Ancient Egyptians very advanced in their treatments of diseases and illnesses. Their ancient medical techniques were incredible, considering the lack of “modern” facilities, sterilization, sanitation, and researching capabilities. They used mostly herbs and plants for treatment, and many are still considered useful for certain problems today. While many of the problems would have been very difficult or impossible to treat, the Egyptians were able to treat many less severe conditions through the use of natural cures. Many are familiar, as they are used as homeopathic remedies in today’s society. They included: Pain relief – Dill, balsam apple, onions, parsley Asthma – sesame, honey and milk, frankincense Digestive aids – garlic, sandalwood, juniper, mint Breath freshener – mint, caraway Chest pains – juniper, mustard seeds, aloe …show more content…

Also with their fixed faith in their gods, the Ancient Egyptians used their knowledge of human biology and the natural world to treat conditions and disorders effectively and efficiently. Their knowledge and research are impressive even in today's world, and their work concreted the way for the study of modern

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