What Are The Challenges Of The Khmer Empire

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It’s interesting to learn and to understand that many of the challenges society confronts today such as urban planning, religion, agriculture and trading and the impacts of climate change were challenges also experienced during the Khmer Empire between C.802-C.1431. A lot of these challenges were key features of everyday life in the Angkor/Khmer Empire. Some of the key features included trade and agriculture, religion, water management, and the social structure.

Agriculture and trade played an important role in the Khmer Empire due to the Mekong River, rice paddies, the Funan and the Zhenla. The rice paddies were developed when the monsoon rain flooded the Mekong River, which then spread into the Tonle Sap and as the water spreads across …show more content…

In this empire there was two types of religion and these were Buddhism and Hinduism, however before the religions grew the people believed in spirits. There were two different types of spirits and these were ancestor spirits and nature spirits. According to the Religion section in the Cambridge History Textbook it states that people throughout Cambodia left a little food, alcohol or flowers to please the spirits. After a while the worship of the spirits began to die down allowing Hinduism and Buddhism to flourish. With reference to many sources such as and, it tells us that Hinduism was the main religion in Angkor and focused on the worship of three gods, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. The religion stresses the importance of good order, harmony and the balance of good and evil between the gods. According to the Angkor Wat picture (bottom of page) All people in the Khmer empire worshiped the gods resulting in the Empire becoming very religious and the building of Angkor Wat. Buddhism was the second most popular religion in Angkor. According to the Cambridge History Textbook, Buddhism is the belief of a person named Buddha who came from a wealthy family and lived a life of luxury. Buddha then started to realize there was a world of suffering outside his life. He then

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