What Are The Similarities Between Medieval Europe And The Medieval Civilizations

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The Middle Ages in Europe occurred between 476C.E and 1500C.E, while the Khmer civilisation lasted between 802C.E and 1431C.E. The two cultures had quite similar lifestyles when it came down to crime and punishment between the two civilisations although daily life was quite different when you looked at the food they ate and the clothes they wore. There were just as many similarities as differences between both civilisations.

The crimes committed in Medieval Europe and the Khmer empire were very similar as they were both set in the Middle Ages. The most committed crime in the two civilisations was stealing as they both grew crops and owned animals such as cattle. They would steal these items to resell them or to feed their families. Another common crime back then was murder they usually murdered people who they didn’t like or that didn’t agree with them on certain deals. There were many other common crimes such as treason. Medieval Europe and the Khmer Empire had many similarities when it came down to the crimes committed.

The punishments used for the crimes in Medieval Europe and the Khmer empire were very similar with some minor differences. The punishments were also a lot harsher than they are today as that was the only way to prevent people from committing crimes in the Middle Ages. Both cultures punishments varied depending on how bad and serious the crime was. If you stole cattle or crops you would have to pay a fine, during the Middle Ages they didn’t have money so

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