Amazon Ethical Issues Essay

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Introduction: Amazon is one of the first large companies to sell goods over the Internet. based in Seattle, Wash. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Amazon is an online retailer and a big manufacturer of electronic book readers. Also its one of the most successful names and a good example of E-commerce. Amazon mission was simplifying online transactions for consumers and “selling everything to everyone everywhere”. Despite that amazon is an old name in the industry and lots of people think it’s the first name in this business field, but its not, Silicon Valley bookstore was the first company, started in 1991. However, they started as an online bookstore at the beginning but after a short period of time they added more items, like music, electronics, …show more content…

Here’s some ethical issues and scandals were amazon was involved. Let’s begin our journey from inside the organization first, going through the work environment. New York Time magazine published an article about the work-place environment and how bad its by interviewing more than 100 employees, there was more than 5000 word exposed. Employees described how the company pushed them to their limits carelessly and mercilessly, starting with a competitive work environment where employees rip apart their workmate’s ideas through a secret and confidential feedback system to destroy their competitors in the work-place, a dog-eat-dog competitive process. The work environment at Amazon is extremely stressful and high-pressured. An employee commented that “nearly every person I worked with, I saw cried at their desks”. If you are working at Amazon, you have to be very commitment about the founder’s policy and leadership principles. Don’t ever question the system, don’t ask why and how, do it or leave, theres lots of people waiting outside. They don’t invest in you, you live for the company only, and they just pay you a competitive

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