What Are The Five Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

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The various needed cognitive-behavioral approaches stems from five areas; situations, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions are associated with how an individual may think and react causing a negative conditional or unconditional response and functions in their everyday life based on their thoughts. Individual problems, events or a situation based on (CBT) theory may cause problems and symptoms to form, affecting an individual’s behavior and cognitions to become radical behaviors of unconscious feelings and thoughts. This will likely cause an individual to shape a negative thought in which may impact their emotions or attitudes, physical feelings, and actions which may be associated with various cravings. Current collaborative, anti-deterministic, and occasionally humane approaches are used in behavior therapy and cognitive–behavior therapy to show how individuals may think about themselves, the world, and other individuals.…show more content…
Individual’s actions affect the thought process of their actions and the way they feel emotionally and physically based on their cognition about certain situations. This may result in individuals developing negative thoughts, going on shopping sprees or eating. Meanwhile, through the classical conditioning approach, it targets conditioned/ unconditioned stimulus, operant conditioning, conditioned/ unconditioned responses, and related terms. These approaches give the client ways to accept and introduce how to manage new cognition and behaviors on their own. Instead of an individual assuming or having an uncomfortable feeling, these approaches demonstrate building the relationship, clinical assessment, focusing on problem areas and setting goals, choosing techniques and working on goals, assessment of goal completion, and closure and follow-ups for the
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