What Are The Negative Effects Of Humans Destroying The Earth

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Imagine living in a desolate wasteland. In place of the forests that were once shelter to hundreds of animals is now a depressing factory. Out of the smokestacks on top of the factory comes a thick black smoke, making the once clear, blue skies dark and dreary. Many animals that once roamed the Earth are now extinct, and generations yet to come will never know a world where they are alive. The actions of humans are gradually killing the Earth and if humans continue to harm the Earth, it could become a wasteland. The actions of humans have caused numerous negative effects on Earth, including climate change, environmental degradation, and deforestation. One negative effect humans have had on Earth is climate change. Over the years, Earth’s temperature has been gradually increasing, and if it continues to rise the outcome could be fatal for every living organism on Earth. Humans, animals, and plants are all at risk. There are many factors that cause climate change one of which is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the processes in which radiation from Earth’s atmosphere warms it’s surface to a higher temperature than it would be without the atmosphere. Humans have strengthened the greenhouse effect by the combustion of fossil fuels. This is because the combustion of fuels causes an excess of carbon dioxide to linger into the atmosphere. If the temperature rises too much habitats may become destroyed and unsafe for life, resulting in species of animals becoming

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