What Are The Positive And Negative Impact Of Immigration And Urban Growth

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LESSON 15 - Immigration and Urban Growth


Identify which countries most of the immigrants came from and why immigrants flocked to the United States

Identify the positive and negative impact of immigrants on the United States

Identify the positive and negative traits of American Politics during this time period

Immigrants and America, the Melting Pot begins.

Between 1870 and 1920, about 20 million Europeans immigrated to the United States. Many of them came from eastern and southern Europe, which had not provided large numbers of immigrants before. Some, like Jews, fled religious persecution. Other immigrants came to the United States to escape economic hardship. Many left Europe full of ideas for reform and political freedom denied to them in the past.

About 200,000 Chinese immigrants came from 1851 to 1883. Many thousand immigrants came from Japan as well. From 1880 to 1920, about 260,000 immigrants came from the Caribbean. Many Mexicans immigrated to the United States as well. Many Mexicans became part of the country when territory was added after the Mexican War. About a million immigrants came from 1910 to 1930 to escape turmoil in Mexico.

Most immigrants traveled by steamship, riding in steerage, the cargo holds below the ship's waterline. Conditions were cramped, with little light or air and were unclean. Immigrants often suffered from disease. Immigrants who arrived in New York were processed at Ellis Island. The process, which took

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